Seduced Soy Massage Candle in Seductive Rose

$ 21.99

Product Description


Indulge in the ambiance of pheromones with Seductive Rose Soy Massage Candle from the Body Boudoir collection, a fragrant mood enhancer that forms into a conditioning, body massage oil as its rich wax melts. Infused with alluring pheromones that mix with each person's unique pH balance to form their very own sexy scent, the Soy Massage Candle enhances sex appeal with every use. A refreshing scent only adds to its seductive properties, deriving from a masterful blend of Turkish damask rose, fresh citrus, crushed clove buds and rose crystals.
The aroma is transforming.
Set in an E-Z pour tin, application is easy and clean, simply pour the desired amount onto the area of choice and reapply as necessary.