Home Spa Self Care

Yes! Treat Yourself!

Perhaps Natasha Bedingfield's "Pocketful of Sunshine" says it best about the ultimate relax and unwind. You know, ladies; the self care so many of us forget to reward ourselves with:


"Take me away (take me away) A secret place (a secret place) A sweet escape (a sweet escape) Take me away (take me away)"


In today's extremely busy world where we're running at hectic speed, our sexy selves need to find the balance, the core that brings into focus our mind, body and spirit.


You deserve pampering, whether that means a soothing bubble bath, applying massage oil, getting into mood lighting and just understanding the need to unleash yourself and express the inner you. You don't need validation to feel sensual. It's all right there inside you; it's called self care.


Today's home spa essentials provide everything you need for maintaining the most beautiful, sexy skin on the planet. Let's face it; your skin defines you. Tattoos, makeup, jewelry, adornment, going hairless or any other signature aspect you choose is up to you.


Our skin is the body's largest organ, so treating it to amazing products can make a major difference. Non-toxic and paraben-free are best, including topical ointments and serums that have a base in nature as organic botanicals. Pure ingredients like lemongrass, sunflower, sweet almond and argan oil(s) make for superb, effective skin care treatments.


Essential oils can be used in numerous ways like setting the ideal atmosphere to bring out your inner calm. An aroma diffuser system is a wonderful method of delivering healthy fragrance into a room, creating the uber home spa environment.


Keeping a clear, radiant complexion doesn't have to come down to plastic-looking needle injections. Stunning faces get that way by adopting the ancient beauty secrets of Korean skin care. A bamboo charcoal mask is all about the pretty with purifying extracts and vitamin B3 skin tone balancers.


Luxury dry oils, for example, penetrate the skin in a good way and are designed to soothe post procedures like waxing. These natural oils help reduce swelling, inflammation and create softer skin.


When it comes to piercing, inking and any hair removal, the proper numbing lotion matters. The best formulas feature a little lidocaine and good anti-bacterial and anesthetic combos and conditioners in single-use packets.


So relax, and create your home spa with healthy essentials that really love you from head to toe.