Hairless in time for bikini season

Have you thought about going entirely hairless down there, but you just haven't worked up the confidence to actually go for it? I know it can feel a little scary the first time, but with summer coming up, now is the time to take the plunge into the world of full waxing. Going totally smooth is one of the best presents you can get your man before going on holiday. Here's why:

Increased Confidence

Your confidence is a huge turn-on for men. If you feel attractive and sexy, he can tell. Not only can he tell, but he really, really likes it.

Being poorly groomed down under can leave you feeling insecure and unkempt. Knowing that you are perfectly smooth, however, will give you a confidence boost and a desire to open up all of your hidden places to him.

By the way, this goes for the front and the back. If you're going to wax your goodies and bits, make sure you take care of the whole area. Both your vagina and your butt have hair. Take it all off, so you can proudly display either side to him in whatever sex positions you choose.

Increased Sexiness

Men find smooth women the sexiest. In one survey of men, over 40% of respondents said that they liked their women completely hairless down there. That category got more responses than any other survey option, including trimmed and all-natural.

If you take it all off, he's going to go wild with desire for you. Men describe your smoothness as "a huge turn-on," "an added treat," and "the best you can get."

Increased Going Down

Want him to pleasure you? Take it off, baby. Take it all off!

Hair in the mouth and between the teeth is unpleasant for guys. They're more likely to go down on you--and do it for longer--if they have a smooth, hair-free area to work with.

Men also associate hairlessness with cleanliness. If they're going to stick their faces all up in a girl's private business, they want it to be clean and fresh. Your impeccable grooming is one way that you signal your cleanliness to him.

Increased Pleasure

Many women report that they remove hair because it increases the sensations that they feel during sex. With no hair there, he can glide smoothly all over that area with no friction-causing pubes holding him back from fully pleasing you.

Men need sexual connection to their women, and it's best for him when he can tell that you're feeling engaged and connected to the experience too. A sexual encounter in which he can tell that you are completely and totally into it will absolutely make his day. Removing your hair may be just the ticket that you need for complete and total sexual bliss.

In that case, what have you got to lose? Taking off the hair will make things better for you and, therefore, make things better for him too. This is a win-win situation for both of you. For a special treat, go hairless. You and he will both be glad that you did.